A funny guy, that Jason Brant …

Do you guys know Jason Brant?  Until a week ago, I didn't.  But then someone tweeted something about his thriller/action novel that they just gave 5 stars to, so I went and read the reviews and blurb.  Every review mentioned how funny the MC (main character) is, and they reminded me a lot of the reviews given to the War of the Fae series, referring to Jayne Sparks.  I don't read a lot of this genre anymore, but I used to.  I'm a fan of Jason Bourne, both on paper and on film (Come to me, Matt Damon!)

Echoes by Jason BrantSo I downloaded his ebook Echoes and gave it a read.  Now I can see why so many people commented on the humor.  And the story's original and cool.  I want to see it as a movie.  I'm now getting his blog posts by email, and they never fail to crack me up.

Check him out!  He's an indie like me and needs fans (like me).  🙂


Such a cool cover too!!  Click on it to go to it on Amazon.com.


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    • Don’t be hatin’ on my Jason Brant love over here. I’ll have to hunt you down and then you know what’ll happen then… bad things. Baad things. xoxo Elle

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