Aces High

Jason Brant and I have teamed up to write a book together.  In Jason's words: “I hope everyone is ready for lots of swearing, shit talking, and general douchery.”  That pretty much sums it up.  Even if no one likes it but us, that's okay.  So far I've had a ball writing it.  And every morning I wake up and find Jason's chapter done, and I laugh all over again.  My fingers are flying across the keys when it's my turn to write.  Truly inspired douchery!

Stay tuned for a cover reveal and sneak peek on Friday!

4 comments on “Aces High

  1. Dear Elle,

    will there ever be a 2nd book? I really enjoyed this one (I won it on facebook by guessing the correct birth date and gender of your foal).
    I love all of your books!


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