Book publishing schedule

Elle Casey's Publishing Schedule (2014-2015)*

  • Trouble DONE (January 2014)
  • Just One Night (serial romance) DONE (begin February 2014, end May 2014)
  • MacKenzie Fire DONE (sequel to Shine Not Burn) (May 2014)
  • Mismatched IN PROCESS with co-author Amanda McKeon (June 2014)
  • LOL Volume 1 – Anthology DONE (September 2014)
  • The Telepath Chronicles – Anthology DONE (October 2014)
  • LOL Volume 2 – Anthology DONE (November 2014)
  • Lost and Found IN PROCESS (December 2014)
  • “PFoS” (secret title TBA) January 2015
  • Cabin Fever (January 2015)
  • Mister Fixit (February 2015)
  • The Dragon Chronicles – Anthology (February 2015)
  • “DA” (secret title TBA) March 2015, May 2015, July 2015
  • “RH” (secret title TBA) April 2015, June 2015, August 2015
  • “BSB” (secret title TBA) September 2015
  • Edward's story October 2015
  • Sequel to War of the Fae November, December 2015
  • Trainwreck IN PROCESS on Wattpad, no pub date at this time.

*All of this is subject to change as unexpected events and whims arise.

Thanks to all of your support, readers. I love it, and it keeps me writing at this cyborg-like pace.

85 comments on “Book publishing schedule

  1. suhh-weeeeeeeet! Looking forward to quite a few of those especially Clash of the Otherworlds, Reckless, Mel….you know what I’m looking forward to all of them.

  2. Oh I am so excited! Whoot! I am happy to know that I will at least get a new dose of your awesome writing every month!

  3. YOU MAKE A GROWN MAN POSITIVELY GIDDY! I cant wait for all this to come out. 5 more days till A2, September when i get to read about Jayne and Ben, Spike and the twins and Timmy toots. I have never lol’ed while reading a book before…. Just don’t burn yourself out. I want to be reading your stuff for many years to come.

  4. Wow… That is a very tight schedule! But selfish me is happy to know that I will have a new book of yours to read every month! I love your work and am looking forward to it! I will definitely be sending positive thoughts your way.

  5. Dang! I’m tired just by reading your schedule! Phew * lies down* I can’t wait, I love your work! Btw Anytime I see the name Rick, I think about Jayne, saying “Rick the *ick” and I literally lol 🙂

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  7. Just finished reading Clash of the Otherworlds book 1, it was amazing as are all of your books in that series 🙂
    Please tell me that book 2 is still planned for a release date this month? I CANNOT wait!!
    You’re awesome! I’m so glad to have found your books!! 🙂

    • Sammy,
      Yes, Book 2 will be out at the end of October. So glad to have you as a reader and that you enjoyed the book! xoxo Elle

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  9. I love your work. Is there going to be another free day for any of your books soon? I missed the wrecked giveaway because my Internet. Was down. So now if there is one I’ll be prepared to snatched it as soon as I can 🙂

    • So glad to hear it! I’m sorry, but no, I don’t have anything planned right now. If you keep an eye on my Facebook, you’ll see me post there when I have one. 🙂

    • Ahhhh! Breaking out? That’s not good! I loved that you’re hooked on my books, though. That’s awesome. Thanks so much!! xoxo Elle

  10. I wish there was more of the gang from Wrecked in there… new favorite book…..seriously tell everyone I know about your work!!!!!!!!!Thanks for your dedication!!!!!!

  11. Your publishing schedule amazes me. As an aspiring writer, I know how hard it can be to find the time to write. Thank you for all the hard work & the awesome books. You are an amazing storyteller. I have read everything you have written & I love them all. Thanks again & keep it up, I hope to be reading your work for years to come.

    • You are very welcome! The takeaway lesson from my publishing schedule it that you can probably write more than you realize. The days of one book every 5 years are fading fast. 🙂 Thanks so much for being a fan. I’ll keep writing as long as folks like you keep reading. And can I say, that you have the COOLEST last name of all time? I’m going to use it in a story some day. 🙂 xoxo Elle

  12. I, for one, am simply amazed at your schedule. You go girl! This post started a huge discussion among some writer-types, and one of them mentioned that you write in sprints. As a mom of two little boys, and a full time university course designer, that was music to my ears. I figured I was just unfocused and


    But, after tracking my writing for all of 2012, I realized I just write more (and better!) if I do 20-minute sprints.

    Congrats on your killer schedule. Good luck with all the books, and I’m super excited to have found a new author!!!

    Oh, and happy new year!

    • Actually, I don’t know if I write in sprints. !! I call my technique “writing my ass off”. 🙂 You’ll have to email me someday and tell me who was talking about it. Thanks for stopping by!! So glad to have you over here. xoxo Elle

  13. I absolutely adore the Apocalypse series, I read the first three in a week and a half and now I have to wait three months for the final book. I’m excited to read it but sad to bid Bryn and everyone else farewell.

    • I’m so happy to know this. Thank you for stopping by and telling me. It was a lot of fun to write, and I’m just as anxious as you are to know what happens next. 🙂 xoxo Elle

  14. Elle you are now officially my favorite writer! I have read both Wrecked and Reckless and LOVED both of them. I just finished book 3 of the Apocalysis series,which is a FANTASTIC series and am anxiously awaiting Haven. You are a wonderful writer and I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to your craft. Thank you for all the adventures and laughter. Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful books in the coming year.

    • Thank you, Lorri!! I just want you to know that I LOVE being your favorite author! What a privilege and honor. I hope I can continue to keep you happy with my work. Be sure to leave me some reviews and Amazon and Goodreads. It’s how readers like you find me a lot of the time. 🙂 xoxo Elle

  15. I just got done with Reckless. I enjoyed it like the first one. Will you write a third book in the series? I am really curious as to whether each couple stays together or not, especially into their adult years.

    • I’m not sure yet. But I’m thrilled to know you’re so attached to and interested in the characters. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by to let me know! xoxo Elle

  16. Elle you amaze me. thank you so much for being the author, woman, mother, teacher extraordinaire that you are. hopefully you will still have an ass after this year has finished and not left it on the floor of whatever room you write in!!
    take care.

  17. I think you write as fast as I read! Holy cow, that’s a lot of books in a super aggressive timeline! You’re super talented and I’ve loved every book! Can’t wait for Haven. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    • HA! I wish I wrote that fast. I have so many stories in my head, I don’t have enough time or speed to get them all out before another one arrives. So happy to have you as a reader. Thank you for dropping by! xoxo Elle

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  19. Wow, busy schedule. I see Vampire Seasons 3,4 and 5 at the bottom but not #2. Have you already written that one or did I somehow miss it? Really liked the 1st one. Also glad to see another book with Jason Brant. Looks like a great schedule with a lot of really good books. Can’t wait to read them all. I have more fun reading your books than anyone else’s. It just seems impossible not to have a good day/week/month after reading one of your books. Thank you 🙂

    • That was an oversight that I will now go fix. Thank you!! Jamie, you always make my day with your awesomely kind words. xoxo Elle

  20. I Love the War of the Fae!!! I am on book 4 and had to google to see if there was more and I am sooo glad there is! You are my new favourite author! I really wish the War of the Fae got made into a movie, I think it would make a good one…

    Keep up the good work!

    P.s. I also like that you dont charge an arm and a leg for each book, it really makes me want to read them all as I am a student and cant afford too much on books all the time. So thank you!

  21. Hi! I LOVED ‘Shine Not Burn’ and was hoping you were doing a follow up story for Ian maybe? I would love to see more about how Andy is faring at the ranch and what ended up happening with Ian, Ginny, and Hannah!

  22. Loved loved loved Shine Not Burn! Thank you for writing this book! I’d love to see more books with all of these characters!

  23. Love all of your books! I especially like Aces High and cannot wait for the next one! It doesn’t say the publication date up there but I was wondering approximately when is it going to come out? Thanks so much for writing all of these books!

  24. Elle Casey, I must say that you are an amazing author!! I am blown away by how much I absolutely love each and every book of yours that I’ve read. Needless to say, I am old… 38 to be exact, but I just can’t get enough of your stories =) Keep up the good work!!!

  25. I just read all seven books from War of the Fae and Clash of the Otherworlds. I love Jayne, Spike, Tony, Tim, the whole gang! You’re a gift and I’m so glad to have discovered your writing!

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  27. I don’t know what you have but whatever it is it has got me totaly in a writing frenzy. The words are coming out and jumping on the page. You have inspired me like nobody I have ever read before.

    Thanks Elle

  28. I just finished reading “Rebel” and now I’ve got a serious case of ants-in-the-pants knowing I have to wait until the end of the month for “Hellion”. I’ve been on a NA binge for 2 years now (since first reading the infamous Thoughtless by SC Stephens), and having read @ 400 books since then I must say that “Rebel” is easily in the top ten. Heroes are always to die for but I’ve never enjoyed a heroine as much as I did Teagen. And Quin too! Your quick wit & great sense of humor really shine through these two characters without making them sound cheesy or immature. So is there a sneak peek for Hellion hiding around here somewhere? I’ve just got to know if Quin hooks up with Mick or Colin!!

    You’re awesome! Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this note. I’m writing Hellion right now and I hope you’ll like it as much or more than Rebel. I’m honored to know Rebel is so high up on your list of so many books!

      No sneak peek now, but I might put one up later. Join my mailing list and you’ll get a notice if/when it’s live. 🙂

  29. I just have to say you Rock!!! I love all of your colorful language and the freaking hilarity of all your charecters. I have read all of your books, except for the Vampire ones because I don’t handle cliffhanger well. I tend to wait untill a whole series is done before making the plunge. On that note when I read Aces High, I was not expecting any of that……it was awesome!!!!! I was literally 95% done and I screamed “THERE IS NO WAY SHE CAN FINISH IN 5%”LOL!!! Anyway super excited to see that a sequal is in the works!!!! P.s. Rebel was pure awesomesauce and the scene with the baby almost made me pee my pants!!!

    • Hello Shan! I don’t have any plans at this time to write another book featuring the Wrecked gang, but you never know what the future could hold.

  30. I was wondering if you’ll write any Fantasy, that isn’t YA.
    Magic, intelligent animals, telepathy, strong female lead, etc.

    Or Sci-Fi
    Space themed, aliens, exploration or shipwreck, escape, or battles or advanced civilization forced to live with out technology, or time travel, or….etc?

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Unfortunately, the co-author and I aren’t working together anymore, so a book 2 is not going to happen. I’m so sorry about that! I would have liked to know Riley’s story too. 🙁 xoxo Elle

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