My Vampire Summer (Vampire Seasons Book 1)

My Vampire Summer (Vampire Seasons Book 1)
Series: Vampire Seasons
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Elle Casey
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 117 pages
ISBN: 9781939455666

Reserved bookworm Iona Candella and her best friend, wildchild Cheri Blake, are spending the summer before college in a small medieval town in France. Iona plans to spend the time reading 100 books on her Kindle and Cheri plans to spend it interfering in Iona's book reading / hibernation plan and finding gorgeous French boyfriends to help them pass the time instead. Both of them get more than they bargained for or even imagined. Ancient curses, haunted castle ruins, crypts protected by supernatural serpents... My Vampire Summer is a veritable YA Fantasy banquet.

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About the Book

My Vampire Summer is a long novella (40k words) in the YA Paranormal/Fantasy genres, the first in a series of four, titled Vampire Seasons. All of the action takes place in modern-day medieval towns and villages of Europe.


“Just when I thought a vampire story couldn't be fresh, Elle Casey proves me wrong. She puts curses and new twists on the old tales and… at 200 pages, it was enough to get me hooked, but not enough to overwhelm me… So do I recommend this one? Absolutely! Anyone that loves paranormal romance, vampire stories, ya paranormal, just a good short read… Totally recommended! ~ Heather, Buried in Books blog

Move over Twilight! Not what I was expecting – but awesome just the same! I love the way that Elle Casey writes and this book, My Vampire Summer, is no different… I cannot wait for more of the series to come out!… You won’t be disappointed!” ~ Kay “Heather”, Amazon reviewer

Fantastic book! Elle Casey writes like no other author out there. Her books transport you to other times and places, her characters have an extraordinary amount of depth to them and they easily become your friends or family while you're living in their world. My Vampire Summer reads and feels more like a full novel than a novella, it's actually quite long… This was another great Elle Casey book and is just another reason why she's my all time favorite author. ~ Jamie Pinson, Amazon reviewer

“Elle Casey constantly surprises me! I have read all of her books and am surprised by how many different characters and kinds of books she is able to dazzle with. I can honestly recommend My Vampire Summer to anyone who enjoys a good romance and wants to be enthralled. Be prepared to laugh out loud frequently! ~ Lorri Ramsey, Amazon reviewer

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