Red Hot Love, Book 1 : Amber

Red Hot Love, Book 1 : Amber
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Series: Red Hot Love, Book 1
Genre: Romance & Chick Lit
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Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: B0756BWX25
ISBN: 1542047056

From New York Times bestselling author Elle Casey comes the first book in the sexy Red-Hot Love Series...

Fiery, free-loving Amber Fields has just discovered she’s the daughter of a 90s rock legend. The bright lights of New York City are a world away from her quiet life in Maine, but Amber is determined to get answers—and give her absent father a piece of her mind.

When she tracks down her father’s band in Manhattan, answers seem hard to come by, and what she does find doesn’t add up with the stories she was told as a child. And then there’s the band’s replacement lead guitarist Ty Stanz. He’s sexy and intriguing for sure, but Amber is not falling for a brooding, prickly rocker. He seems to know exactly the right buttons to press to provoke her. Amber is no fan girl, and Ty sees her as an unwelcome distraction.

On the surface they are worlds apart. Each is tied to the band for very different reasons, but the more time they spend together the hotter things get. Is their red-hot love meant to last?

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