Death comes to the Casey ranch

I have some very sad news to share. I'm crying as I write this…

My beautiful mare who gave birth to a very handsome little colt yesterday at 4am had to be euthanized. It was pretty clear she was in distress within the first hours after the foal was born, but the vet wanted to see if she could recover from whatever was ailing her (he had not yet discovered the problem), so we waited all morning and half the day … a very long and stressful time for me and a pain-filled one for Luna. She hung on for 12 HOURS as she fed her baby the colostrum he needed to survive, battling the blood loss and disorientation that comes from a severely torn uterus, to be the very best momma a foal could wish for, often feeding him while lying down and groaning. When the baby would go to the wrong place on her body trying to find his next meal, she'd lift her head and nudge him over to her udder, even as she lay dying. On the vet's third visit, we discovered a huge tear in her uterus that had filled her abdomen with blood, an inoperable and painful tragedy that no one could have predicted. She was put to sleep immediately after. None of us had time to prepare mentally for losing this beautiful girl, and her baby Simon is now an orphan foal who we must do our very best to raise up big and strong, just like his momma. We owe that to Luna.

I am in AWE of Luna's strength, loyalty to her baby and to me, and her calm in the face of what was the most difficult battle of her life. MOTHERS ARE AMAZING, OF EVERY SPECIES. I miss her terribly, and now I have an orphan foal to raise. Efforts to find a surrogate mom so far have failed. I am feeding him about every 2-3 hours from a bucket, and my children and I are taking turns sleeping a few hours at a time. I haven't showered in two days and I'm wearing the same clothes I put on the day before Luna went into labor. Forget my teeth, hair, and eating any kind of meal…

My life is always a little crazy, but it is now officially chaotic. Please pray for me if you do that kind of thing or send me some happy thoughts! I sure could use them right now. And please, please, please, if you have a horse or an animal you love, go hug 'em right now! You never know when these majestic animals will be called home.

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  1. So sorry for your loss, i will be praying for you and your family, as well as Simon. May the God of peace bring all that you need,

  2. Whether it is a human or animal that we loose, they take a chunk of our hearts with them. It’s so final. I really don’t have words of wisdom dealing with your loss but I do know that God gave you a baby to carry on. People always say, ” Well, they are in a better place” and I always wanted to go for their jugular and say “not helping”!! I do know that only time heals your pain and it’s ok to mourn the way and the time you need to. Taking care of the baby is keeping you busy and exhausted but it also gets you through the days that would normally be the hardest.

    Bless you and your family

  3. Prayers for you and your family. I’m sure Luna was a part of your family and it hurts so much to lose them. She is gone but she gave you a gift in Simon. They speak of the Rainboe Bridge when you lose a dog are cat but I bet Luna will be there waiting to see you again too.


  4. Oh am so sorry Ellie thats very sad news indeed what as you say a courageous mum bless am sure the little colt will do her proud take solace in that if you can x love and prayers sue uk fan x

  5. I am so very sorry for your loss!! I am reading this on my lunch break with tears in my eyes… Rest in Peace Luna..
    You were a great Momma!! ☹️🙏🏼

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about a pet loss. She sounded like an awesome horse. Animal births can be hard on the mommas. Hugs to family in this time. 😂😭😭

  7. I am so sad to hear your news. I had horses when I was younger and love them with a passion. I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling. I will be sending prayers for strength, and healing to you and your family.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. It amazes me how far in honour hearts out animal babies can weave them selves. I have my furbabies that I don’t know what I will do when they tragic day comes. Hopefully the colt won’t suffer for very long in his new life with out his momma. Sounds like she was the best momma she could be in the small amount of time she was given to let him know he was loved.

  9. I am so sad for your loss. It is such a terrible thing to lose a loved one, no matter if they have two feet or four. She must have been such a wonderful creature, full of love and kindness, and I hate that you lost her. My best to Simon, and to you all.

  10. Oh, honey, that’s awful. My.prayers are with you. Losing a family member is hard, and if you’re like me, she was a family member. My heart breaks for you, and my prayers are with you and your sleep-deprived family.

  11. Thank you so much, everyone, for your wonderful words that bring me such peace. The last few days have been very stressful and trying, but we’re pushing through for Luna. She left us with a beautiful gift and we’re doing our best to take great care of him.

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