Highlights of past promos…

  • Special Promo #1: TREE HUGGING PICTURE CONTEST.   This promo is finished.  3 lovely readers received $25 gift cards for their tree-hugging photos, voted on by other readers and members of my Fan Club.
  • Special Promo #2:  FREE BOOK GIVEAWAYS – INDIE AUTHORS.   This promo is finished, but I’ll do another one in January (info above)
  • Special Promo #3: FREE KINDLE AND $25 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY.  This promo was finished in December, but I'll do another one in the Summer of 2013.
  • Special Promo #4: MASSIVE INDIE AUTHOR BOOK GIVEAWAY.  The promo was on from January 1-15, 2013.
  • Various promotional giveaways during the months of January-December of my own work, usually the first book in a series free for a limited time on Amazon.
  • Special Promo #5: TWO $25 AMAZON GIFT CARDS.  The promo was finished on March 22nd.  20+ readers submitted photos of themselves holding up signs celebrating my 900th LIKE on Facebook.
  • Special Promos #6, 7, 8, and 9:  Seven $25 Amazon Gift Cards.  Given to readers who put my new adult romances that are coming out this summer on their To-Read lists on Goodreads.

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