I'm jumping in.

I was totally inspired by an article I read on Yahoo (oh the shame) yesterday featuring the publishing success of a writer named Darcie Chan who used Amazon and B&N's e-reader fans to shoot to the top of best seller lists all over the place.  Who knew?!  Well, apparently a good number of people, not including me.  But now that number of in-the-knows does include me, and I am so very excited.  I'm diligently working on finishing my first full-length fiction novel.  It does not cover the paranormal space which is really the world I normally live in, but I'm still super excited about it, since my teenagers have described it as “Breakfast Club meets Swiss Family Robinson”.  Sounds good to me!  I hope to have it up for my future fans and the fans that live in my house by January 2012.  It's my birthday then, so I plan to give myself the title “Published Author” as a gift this coming year.  I hope you join me in my adventure.  Bisous, my friends, big BISOUS!

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about Elle. I have a piece that I am currently working on that I hope to publish in a week or two. My birthday is fast approaching, so I want to do it before then.

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