Inner Sanctum Revival, Guest Post by Noelle Gaussens, Assistant @ Elle Casey

Have you just read your first Elle Casey book and now you're excited to spread the word?

Have you been a diehard fan from day one, anxiously awaiting Elle’s next release in your favorite genre?

Do you read each one of Elle’s newest releases as soon as they come out?

Do you wonder what some of her beloved characters have been up to these days and want to get the inside scoop?


Become an “Ellemental” by joining Elle’s Inner Sanctum!

Books have always been there for me.

I’m an avid reader, and getting lost in a great book is one of my greatest pleasures.  Without even realizing I’m doing it, I find myself organizing my time each day so that I accomplish all my tasks as quickly as possible, allowing me whatever time is left to delve back into my book.  I do my best to savor the experience of losing myself in a great read, but it’s hard not to race through to find out what happens next!  The suspense of ending on a cliffhanger and waiting for the author to publish the next installment of the story is sometimes unbearable.  The anticipation is sweet, but it can also seem interminable and frustrating!  In any case, when I read the last sentence, on a high from a rich and powerful reading experience, my first instinct is to share it with the first person who’s willing to listen.

Some of the most engaging conversations I’ve had are about books.

As an introvert, I recharge my batteries by spending lots of time alone.  I’m a bookworm who’s not very comfortable in social situations.  I’m anxious about finding topics of conversation.  After the obligatory chat about the weather, I usually draw a blank.  My husband jokes that I should write a list of topics on the back of my hand to sneak a peak at when the conversation gets stale.  (Talk about awkward!)  I find that people are fairly open and willing to talk about themselves, but that’s only if you ask the right questions.  When I figured that out, I found myself asking people the same questions:  “Have you read any good books lately?  What are you reading right now?  What should I read next?”  These always seem to lead to an interesting conversation.  I take out my phone and go straight to Amazon as they’re making suggestions.  After years of doing this, my wish list is stacked with recommendations from family and friends.  Although I’ll probably never get to all of them, there’s nothing like thanking fellow readers for their recommendations and then chatting about the books to build and strengthen a friendship.

Do you want to help spread the word about Elle Casey?

Since I’ve begun assisting Elle, I’ve met several of her fans online.  You guys are the greatest, and I love that you all want to help spread the word!  So, how about becoming an “Ellemental” by joining Elle’s Inner Sanctum? Ellementals are essentially Elle’s street team members who spend a little time each week, or whenever they have the time, talking about their favorite Elle Casey books with other readers, both online using social media like Facebook and in person.

Advantages for “Ellementals,” Elle’s Inner Sanctum members:

Maybe you’ve noticed that Elle’s become a little less present on her social media? It’s because these days, she’s devoting as much of her time as possible to writing the books YOU want to read (hence my new position as her assistant!)  On her Private Inner Sanctum Facebook page, we have lots of fun in the works, including discussions with other like-minded readers, special swag giveaways, sneak peeks and the inside scoop, a member badge to post on your social media, and of course, more personal interaction with Elle.

How you can help spread the word about Elle:

Being an Ellemental is entirely a volunteer position. Do what you can, when you can.  We appreciate any effort you can make, and want you to know that every contribution is greatly cherished.
Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • tell your friends about your favorite Elle Casey books
  • post your reviews and ratings of Elle’s books on Amazon
  • cross-post or share your reviews on your social media sites (like Facebook and Twitter) and your blog (if you have one)
  • share your thoughts about the books on book blogger sites (when they ask for your suggestions or opinions, of course)
  • share fun swag (free bookmarks, key chains, tote bags, t-shirts!)
  • participate in missions promoting a specific book or series that you really like

How do you become an Ellemental?

It’s easy!  Take 2 minutes to fill out the form by clicking HERE.

Your request will be quickly processed and you’ll be added to Elle’s Private Inner Sanctum Facebook Page.  Once there, you’ll find more information about Elle’s special giveaways, opportunities to interact more with Elle, and the ways you can help spread the word about her work.

We look forward to seeing you in the Inner Sanctum!

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