Music as inspiration.

The first time I ever saw an author recognize music as her muse was when I went to the website of Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series and The Host (an aside: I wish she'd write something else!)  She even had a playlist on a player there on the site, so you could click the play button and listen.  So cool.

I've always been a big music fan.  In high school it was (what was considered at the time to be) alternative music.  Think: The Cure, Flock of Seagulls, Jane's Addiction, Social Distortion, 7 Seconds (more punk), Sex Pistols, Psychedelic Furs, and many more…  This was before the age of the Internet and anything but cassette tapes and vinyl.  (Totally dating myself here.)  As I got older, other genre joined the playlist – Top 40, Country, Jazz, Blues…

When I read stories, sometimes I imagine what music would go well with a scene.  I'm jealous of whoever it is that gets to pick the music for movies.  Sometimes, you watch a movie and they just get it so right!  Music can really enhance the impact of a scene.

I have plans to incorporate music into my book.  You'll see what I mean when the book is published, sometime in the first two weeks of February 2012.

I have a YouTube account and listed some of the music I'm listening to in a “faves” playlist as I write War of the Fae: Book One – The Changelings.  Just click on the book link there are you'll be taken to the page that has my playlist embedded.  Some of the videos won't play due to the artist refusing to allow embedding, but you can just jump through them manually, or visit my playlist over at Youtube directly (click here).  Enjoy!


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