Want to help me pick my next book cover designs?

Hello readers.  I thought I'd try something a little different with my next series.  Maybe it'll be fun and totally work and maybe it'll be a disaster.  But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

So here's the deal:  I usually have my covers made quite simply.  I go on www.istockphoto.com or www.dreamstime.com and find a good photo and then have a guy I know put a font I buy on the cover for the title and author name.  No fuss, no muss.  This time, I figured maybe some of you might want to help me find the cover stock art.

If you're interested just hunt around the web for photo or art stock I can buy (that includes the ability to use it “royalty free”).  If I like it, I'll go buy it and use it, and then put you in the acknowledgments of the book.  Cool?  Cool!

Another good option that I haven't used yet, but would consider, is to find someone on www.Deviantart.com who will sell me an image they've created to use as the cover.  Also, another good option, is to find some already “pre-made” cover art, where a graphic arts expert/Adobe Photoshop guru has already made a book cover and has put it up for sale.  You can find these doing a google search for “pre-mades” or “pre-made book covers”.  The only issue is that they must agree to not sell the same image to another author after I buy it.

So, in summary, if you want to help me find the covers for the next series of books (3 of them, so we need 3 in the same vein), use any of the above methods to find me something and send me a link to the art and your idea via email at “me {at} ellecasey [dot] com”.  You could also put it in the comments below, if you prefer (in fact, it might be fun for other people to see your stuff!)

I guess you need to know about the book to pick good cover art.  So here's a synopsis of the series:


This is a post-apocalyptic/dystopian, 3-book series, set in 2020.  An event has rid the world of everyone over the age of 18 and most kids younger than 5.  Those teens who are left are doing their best to survive, but some of them are taking things to the extreme, as resources become more and more scarce, putting the rest of the survivors in danger.  So a group of them, led by a kick-ass female heroine (a theme in my work, yes), ban together to set up a new life and find ways to fend off attacks by these “others”.  The setting is South Florida.  Think Everglades.  These books will be darker than those in the War of the Fae series, and meant for older teens and adults.


12 comments on “Want to help me pick my next book cover designs?

  1. Sorry guys, the contest is already over. I submitted the most awesome book cover in the history of the world. There is no doubt that it will be the face of her new series for years to come.

    • Ya’ll are in for a treat if Jason let’s me put this up on my blog. I have to worry about the copyright, since it’s so full of awesome awesomeness, though, so I’m waiting on a release of rights. No one can wear a muskrat/wig like Jason.

      But, um, no. The contest is not over. 😉

  2. haha I shall have to fudge around in photoshop then. Now wheres my chainsaw and overalls…? oh wait I think thats already a movie

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