Want to make an author cry? This is one way…

Don't worry, this is not a bad news post. 🙂  This a fabulously awesomely awesome good news post that I am so, so happy and proud to put up. I just want to open my arms as wide as the world and embrace every one of my readers in one big group hug.  Thank you, readers for being awesome!

I received this email in my inbox today, and it made me cry.

I always want to let people know the power of presence they have in my life, especially when it’s for the best.

Up until a year ago I avoided reading at all cost because of how bad my dyslexia was. It was not only frustrating, but painful in the act of giving me horrible headaches at straining so hard to keep control of the words.. The only books I really read mostly were the Twilight Series, and the Harry Potter books, and it seemed to take me months to get through just one book.

Then I bought a kindle, I was determined to overcome this monster in my closet and be able to read like the other adults around me. So I turned off the TV and picked up the kindle. The first series on it that I read was the Eragon Series, it took me 4 months, 4 months of struggle and frustration, but a frustration that I concord. Then a friend of mine recommended this YA novel called “War of the Fae.” I felt foolish as it was being 29 and already reading YA books, painfully slowly.

However I listened to my friend, and I got “War of the Fae,” I finished this in 3 weeks. I thought ok I can do this, so then I got “Call to arms,” this time finishing the book in about 2 weeks. This continued through out the series, until it was taking me only 2 days to read a book. But I wasn’t only reading it I was finally comprehending the writing, understanding the metaphors, and sentence structure. All the things that I struggled for years to understand. Right down to dropping out of college cause I was told by a student advisor that I just wasn’t cut out to go to college.

With your unknown help Elle, and by reading almost all of your books (which now take an average of a day to a day and a half) I just passed my entrance exam to DeVry University for a double major. The girl who always failed English tested out of all writing courses with 100%.. The only reason why I’m even taking them is because its mandated in my degree to have a writing course.

I am certain that if your books were not recommended to me at the time they were, I never would have felt ready to stretch my wings and go after what I want in life. So even though you could be staring me in the eye and not know who the hell I am. I just wanted to thank you profusely. For without your gift, I don’t think I would be headed in the direction of my own dreams today.

Yours truly,


[Special note:  For those of you with friends or family with dyslexia, maybe ask them to give War of the Fae: Book 1 (The Changelings) a try.  I have received several notes from readers who suffer from dyslexia telling me my books are relatively easy for them to read and understand, and this book is FREE, so they can try it out at no risk.]

12 comments on “Want to make an author cry? This is one way…

  1. Wow!
    I know that whenever I read a good review, it makes my day and makes me feel that all of my hard work was worth it, but to have that kind of an impact on your readers… just wow! You rock!

  2. WOW! That’s when you know you’re in the right line of work! What a beautiful piece of writing from a truly determined soul.
    Well done, Elle. You are nothing, if not inspiring, but it’s fabulous to see how far your reach can span.
    xxx Amanda

  3. Hi. Elle
    I am also dyslexic, and I have found 2 book reader programs that enable FREE TTS (text to speech) instead of amz Kindle which charges. They are Google Play books and nook, which work in conjunction with the native Talk-back for android users and “universal access” on Macs. Without this I would not be able to be the book-a-holic that I am. If I send you a proof of purchase for a book I picked up on amz, would it be possible to get an EPUB format of it so I can read it with one of these readers? Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi, Anne! I’m happy to help you any way I can, but did you know that all my books (except the Montlake titles) are available on Nook, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo? And all the Montlake titles are available as audiobooks as well. Which books are you interested in reading/listening to?

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