War of the Fae: series update

Hey readers!  Just a quick update on the progress with the War of the Fae series.

Book 2, Call to Arms is in the last week of editing, hopefully (okay, so maybe 10 days), so I see a publishing date of March 5th, which would be about a week before my previous estimate, so I'm happy about that.

Book 3, Darkness & Light, is started now.  I have 28,400 words in the first draft so far.  In this series my word count tends to be in the 85k-90k word range, so I guess that makes me nearly 1/3 done.  Yay me!

I've gotten a couple of ‘official' reviews on Amazon for Book 1, The Changelings, and they've both been very complimentary 5-stars, so I'm super psyched.  These are from readers I don't know.  I've also had lots of unofficial reviews from editors, friends, and family who also seem to really like it.  I have high hopes for this series.  I hope my readers love the characters as much as I do.

So that's the latest.  Thanks for reading.  To check out the Amazon reviews for The Changelings, click here.

xoxo, Elle

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