War of the Fae series news

Hello dear readers.  Just a quick note on the War of the Fae series and what's going on with it.

I recently published War of the Fae: Book 1 on Amazon.com without doing any promotion.  I have the book with an editor from a big publishing house who is doing a read and response on it, so there may be a second version with some minor changes – but the book was copy edited and drafted out several times, so I wanted to get it out there.  I'm very happy with it and the initial response I've gotten from readers is that they LOVE it, so I'm super psyched.  I've sold a few copies but do not yet have any reviews, other than what has been emailed to me personally.

Book Two is done as well, but in the middle of some copy editing.  No matter how hard I try, I still can't find all of my own errors.  And then there's that bad habit of ‘telling not showing' that sometimes rears its ugly head in my writing, so I have someone searching the draft for those things.  I have March 11 as the publish date on Book 2, but I'm pretty sure it will be out before then – in February, in the next couple weeks.

Book Three is being drafted right now.  I'm fast with my drafts, so even though it says April 11 as the publish date, I'm quite sure this one will also be out much sooner than that.

So that's the newest of the news.  I'm very excited about everything and pleased at the feedback I've been getting, and nothing makes writing easier than having fans saying, “Hurry up!  I want to read more!”


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