2013 New Year’s Resolutions

I never stick to my non-writer resolutions.  But this year … this year will be DIFFERENT!  However, just in case, I'll stick to my writer resolutions for this blog post, because they have a LOT better chance of being accomplished.

Here are my writer goals for 2013

  1. Finish the Desperate Measures series (pen name Kat Lee)
  2. Finish the Apocalypsis series
  3. Finish the Vampire Seasons series
  4. Start and finish the Sea Wenches series
  5. Start and finish the Melancholia series
  6. Write 30 sexy serials under my secret identity pen name (lol)
  7. Write at least 1 book with Jason Muskrat Head Brant, possibly a new series
  8. Send out 1-2 newsletters per month to members of my Fan Club with good stuff in it
  9. Run some sort of promotion for readers every month
  10. Participate in Wattpad with a new contribution each month
  11. Do at least 4 giveaways on Goodreads
  12. Get all my books in paperback within a month of ebook publishing
  13. Turn all my most popular books into audiobooks
  14. Write a contemporary adult romance that gets on a Best Seller list somewhere (Amazon, NYT, USAToday)
  15. Stay present on Facebook and Twitter like I did in 2012 or more so
  16. Blog at least once per week
  17. Sell foreign rights to at least one series to at least one foreign publisher
  18. Wordcount goal for all books, novellas, and shorts: 1,700,000 words (2012 was 1,344,472)
  19. ADDED LATER:  Upload all books eligible to other sites (iTunes, Kobo, B&N)

14 comments on “2013 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Elle, you are an amazing young woman with challenging goals set for yourself. Please be sure to eat your Wheaties! I can’t wait to watch you navigate through 2013. It is bound to be an amazing ride. BTW, I just went and bought Reckless. I have been waiting (im)patiently for it to be released. LOL!!!

    Have An Awesome 2013!



    • Thank you, Ardee-ann!!! You have such a cute name, by the way. I plan to take the entire month of December 2013 off, as a reward for a hard-working year. 🙂 xoxo Elle

  2. This is an amazing and challenging list and it has inspired me to do something like this too! I must and I shall!

    Ps: I love your frequent blogging that comes to my inbox and I love reading it too!

  3. Elle, I don’t know where you get your energy from, but… keep ’em coming and I’ll keep reading (and telling everyone I know about your wonderful stories!) Happy New Year!


    • Thank you, Sharon. It means a lot that you’d find me new readers like that! I get the energy from consuming reader love. 🙂 xoxo Elle

  4. Elle,
    I just wish you would set more challenging goals. These seem like gimmes!! 🙂 lol
    Seriously though, when are we going to see Jane or Bryan’s story hit the big screen? With all the boring remakes and retellings out there, fans are starving for some original storylines (that’s your cue). Just let me know how to support that idea.
    Your talent is spectacular. I read tons of books each year, but you are the author I search amazon for daily to see if there is anything new. You have definitely found your calling! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!!

    • Stupid auto correct ….. I obviously meant Bryn not Bryan. UGH!!! Must we be so technologically advanced that our devices make decisions for us? 🙁

    • Haha!! You threw me for a second there. 🙂 Hey, no one would be happier than me to see my stuff on the big screen. Or even the medium-sized one. I just need someone in Hollywood to fall in love with my work they way you have. Then we’ll be all set! I’m thrilled to know I have such a big fan in you. You are more than welcome. It’s my privilege to write books for people like you. xoxo Elle

  5. I don’t have anything to say about your resolution but I just need to write somewhere that you are amazing at what you do! I love reading. I have read so many books by so many different authors but yours are by far my favourite. It’s not just the amazing plot ideas. Or the fantastic ways your stories progress and how wonderfly unpredictable the endings are. But I think the thing I love the most is probably your sassy, smart mouthed writing style unlike anyone else’s. I love how your not afraid to throw in a swear and I love how…..well loveable, all your characters are. Keep doing what your doing! Your the best.

    • Thank you so much!!! What a wonderful thing to wake up to. I really appreciate you stopping by to let me know. I hope I can continue to earn my place as your favorite. I can say that you probably will never lack for smart mouth heroines in my world. I can’t seem to keep them from talking to me all the time. 🙂 xoxo Elle

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