17 comments on “RECKLESS is PUBLISHED!

    • You have strong willpower. When I buy a book I can’t help but read it right away. Or, that used to be the case before I started writing and didn’t have time to read the books I bought. 🙂

  1. Just finished it and it is AMAZING!!!!! Before I read it I was thinking it would be hard to create a sequel that was just as great as the first book but some how you did it and I loved every moment of it. Just wanted to say that you are awesome and stuff! 🙂

    • I’m so happy you feel this way. I was super nervous, wondering if I could pull it off for my very discerning readers. You’ve made my night!! Review if you get a chance. Those reader reviews are my drugs, you know. 🙂 xoox Elle

  2. I just finished Reckless, it was fantastic and a definite page turner. I could not put it down. I was just as amazed and intrigued by the storylinevthis time as I was with the Wrecked. I kind of wish there was a third book, but I love how it ended.

    • Yay! This is great news. I just didn’t know how it would be received. I couldn’t even guess. I’m super relieved now. 🙂 xoxo Elle

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