War of the Fae: Book 4, Sneak Peek is now up!

For those of you who have purchased War of the Fae: Book 3, Darkness & Light, you will find that there is no sneak peek in the back of the book for Book 4.  But don’t fret!  I have included that sneak peek here on the website.  Just CLICK HERE to get there.  You have […]

War of the Fae: Book 3, PUBLISHED!

As of 10:30 E.S.T., War of the Fae: Book 3, Darkness & Light has been uploaded to Amazon.com for publishing.  It usually takes them 6-12 hours to make the title available for purchase. Yay!  I’m so excited! As soon as I see it go live, I will be buying 3 copies for readers who won […]

Support literacy – sign up for this blog

Read for your future Fighting Illiteracy, One Book at a Time Readforyourfuture is a blog dedicated to fighting illiteracy, set up by a media specialist at Franklin High in Middletown, Ohio and supported by teachers and students there.  They take book donations, review the books, and then put them in the school library.  Check it […]

WRECKED Wrecked the Records

I just want you all to know that the title of this post just gave my editor heartburn.  (Sorry Beth.)  She hates when I use the same word over and over.  Bad habit!  Trying to break it! Back to the news… we just finished a promotion for WRECKED and it went very, very well.  Very […]

My readers have brought Amazon to its knees

So my book WRECKED was in the middle of a free giveaway promotion thingy, over a thousand copies went out the door in a few hours, and then POOF!  All the prices dropped off the entire Amazon worldwide site. No prices anywhere.  None.  Nada.  No prices for books, shoes, pens, toy helicopters, nothin’.  It’s all […]

Spread the love, help an indie!

I’ve been receiving some really lovely emails and blog posts from readers, all of them complimentary and several mentioning that they were telling their friends about my books in an effort to get the word out about my work.  It just blows my mind how generous people are and how I’ve managed to connect with […]