Happy Holidays.

Happy holidays to everyone out there.  This is my first Christmas as a novelist, and it feels damn good.  Next Christmas, I’d love to be a novelist who has actually sold some books to people she doesn’t know.

Final Edits. Next Project.

I sent WRECKED off for final edits, and I can’t express how excited and nervous I am.  Here are some of the thoughts that are racing through my brain, pretty much at all hours of the day: I wonder if she will like it…What is she thinking as she reads it?…Is she reading it right […]

Little buggers.

Now that I’ve officially finished writing my first novel (phew, that only took twenty years!), my brain is ready to explode with new ideas.  Every one is fighting to be the next story told.  The problem is, they’re all over the place: Thriller?  Check! … Mystery? Check! … Paranormal? Check! … Romance? Check! … and […]

Am I stupid?

I read a great review for a book the other day on Yahoo, and without reading the reviews on Amazon, I shelled out $7 for it.  Normally I would read Amazon reviews first and then make my decision, but this person had received a substantial advance, a movie deal, and had some serious backing, so […]

Ear plugs.

I flew on a Delta flight about a year and a half ago, and as part of my very expensive plane fare, I received a pair of *free* squishy foam earplugs.  Technically since my flight was only worth about 75% of what I paid, those earplugs probably actually cost me about $250, but anyway… I […]

Beta Readers Needed

I’m on the home run stretch with the final draft of the book.  I’m cramming in over 10k words a day, leaving myself a week to edit after.  I’ll be needing beta readers in about 2 weeks.  I have a (small) stable of friends and family, but would love an ‘outside’ opinion.  Anyone who liked […]

I'm jumping in.

I was totally inspired by an article I read on Yahoo (oh the shame) yesterday featuring the publishing success of a writer named Darcie Chan who used Amazon and B&N’s e-reader fans to shoot to the top of best seller lists all over the place.  Who knew?!  Well, apparently a good number of people, not […]