Awesome Indies

Sometimes, the word AWESOME just works.

I was trolling around the Ninnernet (what one of my little ones always called the Internet … she also asked for a “Barbie dot com” for Christmas one year … apparently I let her watch too much TV), when I happened across a fellow indie's blog.

You might have heard of him …  Edward W. Robertson.   I just had to share, because I can't get this quote from him out of my head.  It makes me want to drink a bunch of beers with fellow indies and their readers and break out into songs and wild dancing under the stars.

[BTW, This is not a paid endorsement.  It is fan mail, but unsolicited.  I do this for nothing in return except maybe some more awesomeness from Edward.]

First bit of awesomeness:  His blog slug is “Failure Ahoy!”.  Farging awesome, yes?  If you can't celebrate failure, then you're doomed to never try anything!  And to me, that ain't livin', baby.
Second bit of awesomeness:  An opening remark on one of his posts (full text below) was “It's my book! I do what I want!

That is my new author slogan.  To me, it embodies the whole indie movement.  It totally describes my attitude.  Sink or swim …

It's my book!  I do what I want!

Thank you, Edward, for being awesome.

“Since going free has been less effective lately (although…), I'm trying out some other strategies to see what happens. So right now, The White Tree is just $0.99 on Amazon (formerly $3.99). I plan to leave it there until Tuesday, 5/22, but I reserve the right to change that plan at any time. It's my book! I do what I want!

Here's his awesome blog

I have not read any of his work yet, but believe me, I will be!  I hear great things about his book Breakers especially.  Me likey the cover.


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