WRECKED promotion … FREE for 3 days!

We're doing an end-of-the month promotion for the book WRECKED.

It'll be a free Kindle download for 3 days, May 23-25.

I'm Wrecked by Elle Caseypretty excited because it's a 2nd edition of the book.  I took all the reader comments I received and incorporated most of the advice given into this new edition.  It's not a lot of changes, and none to the storyline, but I think you'll find it flows better (if you read the first edition and take the time to read the new one, of course!)

WRECKED was my first book, and it's also the only book I'd ever written in third person.  The third person point of view is a big challenge for me as a writer, and in WRECKED, it was noticeable that I didn't quite have it down.  I hope I've fixed that with this second edition.  I also started using a new computer program, Scrivener, to organize the manuscript and that sure helped.

So, if you haven't already gotten the book, please grab it.  And if you already have it, grab the new edition!!  It's better!!!

I thank you, again, for sharing this information with your friends and family.

xoxo Elle

4 comments on “WRECKED promotion … FREE for 3 days!

  1. I have an old kindle. I had problems downloading Wrecked again. Called Kindle’s help line and they were able to get it done for me. They were very gracious and helpful.

  2. I just finished reading Wrecked. I trully enjoyed this book. I hope there will be a sequel because I’d really like to know if and how Candi and Kevin get together once again. I’m also wondering about the business partnership between the two dads and what happened there. Thanks so much for the wonderful several hours of escape I was able to enjoy while reading the book.

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