By Degrees

By Degrees
$14.95eBook: $3.99
Series: Stand-Alone Novels
Genre: Romance & Chick Lit
Publisher: Elle Casey
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 350 pages
ISBN: 9781939455109

Celebrities all suffer from the same disease. I call it the create-your-own-reality disease. Most of them start out normal, like you and me, but somewhere along the way they lose sight of up and down, left and right, and then eventually right and wrong. It's my job to fix that. Who hires me, Scarlett Barnes, otherwise known as ‘The Normalizer’? Agents usually. Producers sometimes. They know they can trust me to be professional, discreet, and above all, not personally involved with my clients. I come in, I take over their lives, and I get them back on track. Help them remember what it's like to be an average Joe. My latest job acquisition? His friends call him Tear-It-Up Kilgour, but I just call him Tarin - lead singer and guitarist for the band By Degrees. I have thirty days to get his butt back on planet earth before he loses his record deal, his movie contract, and possibly even his life. I've never failed so far, and I don't plan on failing this time either, even if Tarin has other ideas.

About the Book


“I love this book and I love how Elle Casey intertwines her books. We see Tarin and Scarlett later in Rebel. I just love Elle's personality and sense of humor. Her main characters are spunky and awesome. People I'd totally be friends with. I just hate when the books end.” ~ Janiece Bradshaw, Amazon Reviewer

“This is the third book by Elle Casey that I've read in a week!!! She is now on my list of absolute favorite authors!!! … I think this was the best so far, but I don't know what else Elle has in store for me!!! She takes you on a ride in every book, the range of emotions is mind boggling. She is a great writer and just when you're feeling sad, she lifts you up in an instant and has you cracking up. Hot sex, gorgeous men, extremely unique and funny. I love her for bringing me into a whole new genre of books! I am addicted! Thanx Elle.” ~ Beverly Low, Amazon Reviewer

“Love, love the characters! The story line was fresh and new, not something similar to all the other books out there. ~ Samantha Arnwine, Amazon Reviewer

“Having loved Shine Not Burn soooo freaking much, I was very excited to read another book by the talented Elle Casey, and once again she delivered… By Degrees is a funny, sexy and smart read that now has a place on my favorite books shelf. I highly recommend it! This is one of those books I know I'll re-read in the future when looking for something romantic, funny and uplifting…” ~ Dee Montoya, Goodreads reviewer

“I’m impressed every time I read a new book by Elle Casey. She is consistently hilarious, crafts believable and lovable characters, and takes me into a world that I want to inhabit. I love the dynamics between her characters, and the situations they end up in. There's always tons of exciting drama, and heart-wrenching emotion. By Degrees was a twist on the rock star romance, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to Elle Casey's next book. And the next, and the next, and the next…I'm hooked.” ~ Devon Hartford, Author and Goodreads reviewer

A message from Elle about this book: Every time I read another story about a Hollywood star or famous musician going off the deep end, I wonder how they got there. How it was that all the people around them weren’t able to or willing to stop it from happening. It must be easy when a person has more money than he or she can ever spend and people hanging around are leeches, for a person’s view of reality to get really skewed; and that’s a real shame for these talented people who have so much to share with the world. For years I’ve imagined this great job I could have where I’d hang out with celebrities who’ve lost track of the real world (the place where my readers and I live) and get them re-oriented, re-focused on what matters … clean the garbage out of their heads and their lives. Then of course, I couldn’t get that thought out of my head until I wrote a book about it, so here it is! By Degrees. The title of the book is actually the slogan of the Scottish clan Kilgour, something I learned on a trip I made there in the year this book was written.

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