MacKenzie Fire

MacKenzie Fire
$9.99eBook: $3.99 (FREE on KU)Audiobook: $9.95
Series: MacKenzie Family, Book 2
Genre: Romance & Chick Lit
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 341 pages
ISBN: 9781503945234

Still bitter about his failed engagement and life on the family ranch, Ian MacKenzie has been cranky for nearly three years. His brother Mack’s married bliss hasn’t helped, and now his pregnant sister-in-law’s airhead best friend is coming for a visit. Candice arrives to help with the new baby, even though it means swapping her Louboutins for snow boots and her flat irons for flannel. She’s far from prepared for the freezing cold and she certainly wasn’t expecting the sizzling heat of her attraction to a certain green-eyed cowboy. Ian may be rude and infuriating, but he looks sinfully good in those jeans of his. The two clash at every turn, but there’s one thing they can both agree on—if they do give in to their undeniable chemistry, then it’s just a fling…because he’s a country boy and she’s a city girl, and their zip codes are on opposite sides of the map.

About the Book

With over 400 Amazon reviews and over 2,000 5-star reviews on Goodreads, readers love Candice and Ian!


“I love this author and as soon as I saw that this book was coming out my one click finger got twitchy. I knew I would not be disappointed because I absolutely loved the first, Shine Not Burn. What I wasn't expecting was I would freakin love this book a helluva lot more. I don't think there was one page where I wasn't on the verge of peeing my pants a little because my constant laughing, my ribs were so sore by the end of this book, I am serious I swear I popped a rib out.” ~ Tanya, Amazon reviewer

I laughed so much while reading this book that my husband kept asking me, “Are you ok?”, “Can you breathe?” and “What are you laughing at?!”. Elle Casey has this ability to write books that make me laugh hysterically one moment and before I can even catch my breath then I’m all antsy, hot and bothered….but in a reallllly good way! The males are HOT, the females are endearingly hilarious and the chemistry between the two of them is searing. Yet another book I love that she has written!” ~  Jen @ Star-Crossed Book Blog

“Don't miss out on this love story. Elle Casey always seems to get the right balance between friendship and passion when she writes her romance books. Her characters' connection always feels like it is about to combust straight off the page get your heart pounding but it's the everyday moments of sweetness that make your heart melt. ~ Jessica from Maine Book Mama

“I Loved this book! I can't believe I'm saying this, but the heroine actually made this book for me. How often does that happen? I think Elle Casey usually writes great dialogue in her books, but she's outdone herself with this one. Candice's inner dialogue was hilarious, I would love to have her as a best friend. And holy hot cowboy is right, I can't get enough of these MacKenzie brothers.” ~  Jeanne, Goodreads reviewer

MacKenzie Fire is published by Montlake, Amazon’s imprint, and is exclusive to that platform. That doesn’t mean you need a Kindle to read it. You can download the free Kindle app, and then read the book on any device, including a Nook or smartphone. The paperback is also available at Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Sam's Club, and you can listen to the audiobook on Audible and iTunes. Enjoy!

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