Co-Authoring versus Fan Fiction

From time to time I’ll have a reader comment about one of my books or characters and say something to the effect of, “You should have this character do this in your next book,” or “For the sequel, you should have this happen.” On the one hand, it’s very flattering to me that readers would […]

Book publishing schedule

Elle Casey’s Publishing Schedule (2014-2015)* Trouble DONE (January 2014) Just One Night (serial romance) DONE (begin February 2014, end May 2014) MacKenzie Fire DONE (sequel to Shine Not Burn) (May 2014) Mismatched IN PROCESS with co-author Amanda McKeon (June 2014) LOL Volume 1 – Anthology DONE (September 2014) The Telepath Chronicles – Anthology DONE (October 2014) LOL […]

Tree Hugging Amazon Gift Card Promotion!

Tree Hugging Amazon Gift Card Promotion!

Hello readers.  Have I told you lately how much I love you? I’m so psyched about the tree-hugging pictures I’ve received on my Facebook fan page, that I’ve decided to have a little fun with them.  We’re gonna have a competition!  The 3 photos that get the most votes will win $25 Amazon gift cards.  […]

My Next Brilliant Idea

Who wants to have some War of the Fae fun with me? I’m re-reading the War of the Fae series, getting ready to have them available in paperback, and I got this flash of brilliance (otherwise known as a bright idea). I’d love to have you all participate. If you’re a War of the Fae […]

WANTED: Jason Brant

WANTED:  Jason Brant

For those of you who follow my Facebook and blog posts, you know that author Jason Brant and I have a … um … competitive supportive relationship.  I’m pretty sure he was my brother in another life.  Possibly even my twin.  That being said, something has to be done about his little problem.  I’m talking […]

Blurb for Apocalypsis: Book 1

My name’s Bryn Mathis.  I’m seventeen years old, and I live in a neighborhood outside of Orlando, Florida.  I live alone because my dad died almost a year ago, along with all the other adults in the world.  I’m almost out of food and the gangs of kids that roam around my town are getting […]