Half of War of the Fae: Book One (The Changelings) is done. Plus, Samantha Young!

I've reached a milestone today – 51,000 words finished on my newest novel. I've been cranking it out; it's nearly writing itself at this point. I'm super excited about the characters and the storyline. My number one beta reader (husband) has laughed at all the right parts and been frustrated when there isn't more yet to read, so that's a good sign.

I bought a book the other day that I am really liking right now.  I let myself read it on writing breaks.  It's Tales of Lunarmorte (Book 1) Moon Spell by Samantha Young from Scotland.  Here's her site if you want to check her out.  You can buy the book for your Kindle here on Amazon.com.   Someday I hope to be able to emulate her success!  She's got a great, engaging writing style that's easy to read – her plot is original and the pace is quick enough to keep you reading without growing bored.  The little bit of sexual tension ain't bad either!

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