Ever wondered what it’s like to be married to a writer?

Read on to find out! My assistant Noelle recently cornered my husband, Craig, and got him to answer a whole bunch of questions about what it's like living with me. She's put together a multi-part blog series with Craig's replies. I couldn't stop laughing when I read what Craig had to say, mainly because he knows me so well! I hope you enjoy this little peek behind the scenes.


Craig and Elle, before Craig grew a beard

When and how did you meet Elle?

Craig: That’s an easy one. I offered to clean her bathroom. Yep, I know the path that leads directly to a woman’s heart. Actually, she responded to an ad I posted saying that I would clean her bathroom. Of course it was a lie, but by then it was too late and she was hooked. Elle got the last laugh on that one though.

What's the most romantic thing Elle has ever done?

Craig: Hummm…how about this one? Some of you may know that I was dumped off a horse last year and was laid up for almost three months. After two weeks in the hospital I was offered the option of going to a rehab facility to stay for six weeks. Elle refused to let me go and insisted on bringing me home so that she could care for me. For two months she tended to my every need, day and night. I don’t need to go into the details, but I’m a very bad patient. Some may not consider it romantic, but the fact that she was willing to put her own life on hold to take care of me showed the depth of her love. I’m a very lucky guy.

When did Elle tell you she wanted to write and publish a book, and what was your reaction?

Craig: It was November 26th, 2011. She began writing Wrecked in her spare time between her teaching commitments and a month later it was published. I said, “I guess that means I’m shopping for dinner.” Really though, if you know her like I do, when she says she wants to do something there is no changing her mind, so I just stood back and watched her fingers fly.

What was your job when Elle first started writing? Or before?

Craig: I was unemployed when she began writing. Prior to moving to France (in 2010 from the US) I was selling businesses. It was sort of like selling real estate except I specialized in selling franchises. I thought I could continue doing it long distance, but that turned out to be more difficult than I imagined, and finding a job in France is tough when you don’t speak the language very well.

 What's your role in Elle's self-publishing business?

Craig: I'm her cheerleader mostly. I just keep the day-to-day household things running, delivering kids, shopping, etc. I’ve always been a data guy so I help by monitoring sales, the results of marketing efforts and all the financial stuff.

And how has that role changed in the 4 + years Elle’s been writing full time?

Craig: With over forty titles out things started to fall through the cracks and Elle was taking too much of her writing time to deal with managerial things. You've stepped in to take on some of the load so I’d say I’m less involved, but still keep the wheels at home turning as best I can. I continue to watch the numbers, deal with the finances and offer my opinion on marketing plans and results. I think Elle feels I will get bored so she keeps bringing home stray dogs. Literally, we currently have 3 dogs and she keeps bugging me to adopt another one.

In the next part of this series, Craig talks about what it's like being married to a Romance writer. Stay tuned!


Elle with Poppy Pants, the latest addition to the family.

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  1. I absolutely love the descriptive way you write. I belong in the worlds you created. I lose track of time. I actually have read one book a night. I wish I was fae.

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