Married to a Writer, Part 4

In last week's installment of our Married to a Writer blog series, Craig told Noelle that he's dog-eared all of the sex scenes in my novels. Read on to find out which one of my characters Craig inspired (and nope, it's not who you might think!).

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for Elle?

Craig: Oh, there are so many things… Right, Honey? I think she likes my Valentine gifts best. For the past several years, I’ve tried something new; I have her climb in my truck and head out into the countryside with a picnic lunch and a couple of rose plants in the back. I find a spot that looks right, a place along one of her regular driving routes, and plant the roses with her. Each spring we can see them blooming when we pass by. The first time I did this, I think she was a little worried when I parked off-road, pulled a shovel from the back of the truck, and asked her to take a walk with me into the woods.

Craig's roses in bloom.

What’s your favorite genre to read?

Craig: I’m not sure I have a favorite genre to read. I guess I stay away from any chick-lit or full-on romance. I love anything by Steinbeck. As for more modern reads, I like Hugh Howey’s work (SciFi), especially Wool and Sand, and some favorites are Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, and Private by James Patterson. I just finished I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes and loved it. I read it twice, actually. I suppose if I had to pick one genre it would be mysteries/thrillers/who-done-its.

What’s your favorite genre that Elle writes in?

Craig: I'd have to say her SciFi adventure Drifters’ Alliance. I’m a big Firefly fan, and she’s done a great job of carrying that feel into the series.

Do you have any literary ambitions of your own?

Craig: Actually, yes, thank you for asking. I completed a 120,000 page manuscript before we moved to France in 2010 and then published a few gardening books on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) while Elle was working hard at her teaching job. I’ve since written two other novels that need editing, but have never published any of my fiction. Maybe someday…

There are several husband-wife writing teams out there. Have you ever written any parts of Elle’s books? Or contributed to the direction of a plot?

Craig: I’ve never written any part of her books, but I imagine I’ve been the inspiration for some of her scenes (wink wink). I think it would be fun to try working with her, but her writing is at a much higher level than I could ever hope for. I’m afraid readers would notice the difference. It’s another one of those ‘maybe someday’ thoughts.

Do you read Elle’s reviews?

Craig: I read every one and am very good at remembering readers’ names.

If you could only pick one, which character of Elle’s is most like you?

Craig: I’m sure that I’m the inspiration for all her hunky male leads because she’s told me so time and time again, but if I had to pick only one it would have to be Tim the Pixie in War of the Fae. It’s something to do with his excessive gas problem.

Craig and Elle on one of their many adventures in France.

So, readers, I know Noelle tried to cover as much as possible, but do you have any questions for Craig about what goes on behind the scenes at Elle Casey HQ? Ask away in the comment section below!

7 comments on “Married to a Writer, Part 4

  1. Love the valentine idea – LOVE. IT!

    Tim the Pixie *snort* Fantastic!!

    You’ve got a keeper there, Elle. Vice/versa, Craig. You two take care of each other <3

    And, thanks, for this whole series. It was a GREAT read! 😀

    (P.S. STILL laughing about the dog-eared sex scenes! LOL)

  2. I too love the Drifter’s Alliance series and am anxiously awaiting more of Captain Cass and the Ginger Twins. When can we expect the fourth book’s release (and fifth, sixth, etc.)?

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