And updated publishing schedule and thoughts on those kinds of things…

For the first three years of my publishing life, I was absolutely militant about my deadlines and writing schedule. I published on the last day of the month, every month, for years. This kind of pace and output was unheard of at the time, although I see some authors have taken on the challenge of doing the same or even more (crazy bastards that they are.)

Then tragedy struck the Casey household (not just once, but twice) and threw all my best laid plans to waste. I missed some deadlines and extended several others and then missed a few of those too. I learned something about myself during this period that I probably should have already known: I work best under pressure. This means that moving deadlines = not enough pressure = books don't get finished.

It certainly didn't help that I went from being an indie author to also being a traditionally published author with contractual obligations that could not be ignored regardless of the craziness I was dealing with in my private life. I don't do breach of contract, so focusing on my projects for my publisher necessitated pushing my indie projects temporarily to the side, I'm sad to say. This disappointed a lot of readers (understandably), and increased my anxiety levels to the max. I don't like letting my faithful readers down–it literally makes me sick, which then makes it harder to work (aka a vicious circle).

I am the world's WORST procrastinator. Tell me I have a week to do a task, it'll take me a week. Tell me I can get it done ‘whenever', and it just won't get done at all. I'm 47 now, and I've been this way my life, so chances of me changing–despite the fact that it makes me crazy to be this silly–are slim. With maturity comes insight and wisdom (hopefully) so I'm going to do what I can to be as productive as possible within the limitations presented by Elle Casey–this crazy, driven, determined, procrastinating woman who must write books for a living or she'll go nuttier than she already is.

Saturday night is date night with my husband, rain or shine. It's a couple hours in the week where we can focus together, chat about our dreams and plans for the future. Last week we mapped out my publishing schedule for the rest of this year and part of next. My plan is to stick to this schedule more rigidly than I did last year, but I'm also not going to be so militant that I neglect my family or myself. Three cheers for finding balance! Hopefully tragedy will not visit my household this year and interrupt my programming.

If you want to see what I'm going to be up to writing-wise, please see my publishing schedule, which is presented below, but always updated HERE.

August 2016

Bourbon Street Boys, Book 3. Get your copy here.


Edits on Bourbon Street Boys 4, Reading War of the Fae in preparation for writing the last books in the series (#9, and #10)


War of the Fae 9


War of the Fae 10


Montlake adult contemporary romance, Book 1 delivery (release date 4-6 months after)


Montlake adult contemporary romance, Book 2 delivery (release date 4-6 months after)
Edits on Montlake Book 1


Montlake adult contemporary romance, Book 3 delivery (release date 4-6 months after)
Edits on Montlake Book 2
Bourbon Street Boys 4

MARCH 2017

Edits on Montlake Book 3
Read Drifters’ Alliance series in preparation for writing Books 4, 5, 6 in the series
Drifters’ Alliance 4

APRIL 2017

Drifters’ Alliance 5

MAY 2017

Drifters’ Alliance 6

JUNE 2017

Pilot TV episode for Drifters’ Alliance

22 comments on “And updated publishing schedule and thoughts on those kinds of things…

  1. I’m soooooooo excited to see that there’s 3 more books for Drifters Alliance as well as a TV Pilot 🙂 🙂
    cant wait til next year!! exciting. Not to mention your other books that i love too but since you have introduced me to this genre too i’m hooked 🙂

    • There’s always a chance. If I ever get Apocalypsis turned into a TV show, for sure there will be lots more about the different groups that were kind of on the fringes in the main series. 🙂 xoxo Elle

  2. So happy to see that WOTF is on your plan for October and November and that Drifter’s Alliance is there for next year,along with a TV pilot! Quite a challenging schedule, to say the least. I’m also glad to hear that you didn’t slam the door on Apocalypsis, since I thought there was a lot of room for development with that premise.

    • Hi, Sandy. Yes, it’s going to be a bear, but I’m so excited to see these books myself and to get the reader response. I love it when I can make you all happy! xoxo Elle

  3. Very excited for another addition the the Bourbon Street Boys. I love, love, love this series. Any additional focus on Ozzy and May? They are my absolute favorite!

    Side note: I also loved the MacKenzie Fire & Shine Not Burn. Will there be any additions to this series?

    • I’m sure Ozzie and May will come up but the book features Thibault this time. 🙂 I don’t have plans right now to add to the Mackenzie clan books, but never say never with me! xoox Elle

  4. How do you feel about making your Oct. deadline for War of the Fae? Think you’re going to make it? Ive been waiting for so long! I’ll be spending my Halloween in reading that book if it comes! (I’ll probably be staying in reading or writing anyways so whatevs). I NEED MY BOOK DRUG!

    • I’m about to write a post about that. I’m almost done, but need a few more days! But I’m announcing a special deal related to the book, so be sure to check out the blog for the info. Or my Facebook page or my next newsletter. xoxo Elle

  5. Is there any way to get WOTF book 8 (and future books) and Drifter’s Alliance in paperback? I can’t find them anywhere. My son loves WOTF and Apocalypsis and wants to read Drifters Alliance, but really does not want to move to a digital format.

    • I’m working on getting the paperbacks done. I doubt they’ll be finished by Christmas, but definitely by 2017, first few months. xoxo Elle

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