Reader fans, meet Noelle!

NoelleI have some seriously exciting news to share!

I know to you it might sound like just regular old news, but trust me, it's not. I've been wanting to do this for going on two years now … I've hired an assistant!! Woo hoo!!

Please join me in welcoming Noelle to the team! She'll be taking over a lot of the marketing and business management end of things for me so I can focus on writing and chatting with fans.

Over the past three years, as I've written more books and my fan base has grown, it's been getting harder and harder to keep up with everything. At some point I just had to stop doing some things I really enjoyed like creating and sending out swag and attending events, hosting contests, doing fun things with book bloggers, and my interaction with fans slowed considerably. Basically, all the fun parts of the writing business other than the writing itself went on the back burner.

My fervent hope is that after Noelle has passed through the training period (about 90 days of learning the ropes … there are a lot of them!), you will see a huge difference in our little Elle Casey world. First and foremost, there will be more books for you to read this year than in any year before. Second, you'll see me traveling a little more, so I can meet some fans in person. And finally, we will be starting up some really great projects for our reading communities that you can help us put in place, getting more people reading and providing better access to books for kids and adults. There will be other fun changes and new things too, but I'll leave those to be surprises. ๐Ÿ™‚

I ask you all to give Noelle a virtual hug when you see her on my Facebook page and via email if you so desire. Show her how amazing Elle Casey reader-fans can be!! So far, she's seriously impressed with you all and so am I. You guys are the very best readers in all the land. Noelle can be reached at Noelle [at] ellecasey (dot) com.

For the next 90 days, as I'm training Noelle and she's learning, we may go through some awkward transitions (re-designing our website, Facebook page, newsletters, etc.). I hope you'll be patient with us during this period and not hold any major boo-boos against us. I promise, we'll do our best to get everything running like a well-oiled machine ASAP!


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