War of the Fae: Series update

Hello readers – just a quick update here on the War of the Fae series of books.  As you know from my previous posts, Book 1: The Changelings is now exclusively available on  Amazon.com.  I took it off Barnes and Noble's website so I could participate in the KDP Select program at Amazon which requires exclusivity.

Book 2: Call to Arms is in final editing, and I hope to have it back this weekend, which means a publish date of March 5th.  Yay!  I've gotten lots of great feedback on this installment from my beta readers, so I hope you all will like it as much as they did.

Book 3: Darkness & Light is at the 80k words mark, which means it's nearly done.  I will have the first draft finished this weekend, fingers crossed – but at the latest by March 6th.  Then it goes into editing, so you can expect a publish date of around March 27th for that installment.

Book 4: New Word Order hasn't officially been started yet, other than a very rough outline (and when I say ‘rough' I mean it's two paragraphs of jumbled nonsense).  My goal is to go from jumbled nonsense to finished product by the end of April.  When a book is part of a series like this, and particularly when it's the last book, it's a faster process to write it out.  Most of the characters are already fleshed out in the earlier installments and the conflicts are coming to an end.  My goal is to have everything done before everyone breaks for summer – that way my fans have a whole series to enjoy over their vacations!  🙂

Thanks to everyone who's emailed, tweeted, facebooked, reviewed, rated, or otherwise sent me their thoughts and feedback.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

xoxo Elle

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