I’m on a roll

Since I’m in the mood to share some mind blowing music with those who share my taste in music, allow me to present to you another most awesome video and melody that just takes me away to another place. CAUTION: if you fear clowns, watch with the lights ON. STEREOPHONICS. SERIOUS BADASSES OF MUSIC.

New blog design, coming soon!

I have someone working on a new blog design for me.  Anyone care to vote on which background they prefer?  Don’t worry about the fuzzy quality – these are just comp images that I have not yet purchased.  Once I decide which one to go with, I will have the high resolution image for them […]

Why indies love their indie readers!

I’m so excited to be a part of this “Indie Revolution” in books these days.  I’m just a newbie, compared to guys like Hugh Howey, who has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his science fiction short stories and novels. Here’s a super cool post from his blog, where he talks about “Crowdsourced Fiction“.  […]

Spread the love, help an indie!

I’ve been receiving some really lovely emails and blog posts from readers, all of them complimentary and several mentioning that they were telling their friends about my books in an effort to get the word out about my work.  It just blows my mind how generous people are and how I’ve managed to connect with […]

Ever heard of a Google Alert?

Ever heard of a Google Alert?

My husband showed me this thing Google has in its portfolio (that portfolio you just know is titled “World Domination”).  I thought you might like to use it to follow authors you like or other things. You just put in the search term you like (my loyal husband put in “Elle Casey” – yay, husband!), […]

Samantha Young…Totally Inspiring!

Samantha Young…Totally Inspiring!

I read this post today from indie author Samantha Young, an author whose work I have read and enjoyed immensely (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a really nice person too!).  I was soooo inspired after reading it!  She went from starving student to successful independetly published author in a year. Yay Samantha!  If you’re […]

Amazon rankings for Wrecked

I was reading an article about some indie authors who had reached Top 100 status on Amazon.com, and I wondered what number I was. Nowhere near that yet, but hey, a girl can dream… A week ago I checked and I was at #127,000 (some odd number after the 127, I can’t remember what it […]

Music as inspiration.

The first time I ever saw an author recognize music as her muse was when I went to the website of Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series and The Host (an aside: I wish she’d write something else!)  She even had a playlist on a player there on the site, so you could click […]