My latest release : JUST ONE NIGHT


Jennifer is sexually frustrated and disillusioned with love, a very dangerous combination. Convinced there's no such thing as Prince Charming, and against her best friend's better judgment, she places a personal ad seeking a one-night stand. No strings, no commitments, no second dates. Her goal? To restore her faith in men by setting up a single night of fantasy that can never be tainted by reality.

William is a busy executive, newly arrived in the United States from England. Life for him is all about minimizing complications. He doesn't have the time nor the inclination to share his life with anyone, to have obligations outside of work, or to become entangled in a relationship with an emotional basket case of a woman who’s desperately seeking her Prince Charming. But he does see the value in having an attractive woman in his arm for networking purposes …


**This book is Part 1 of the serial romance novel, JUST ONE NIGHT, approximately 25,000 words or 100 paper pages long. The story continues with additional Parts which will be published in 2-3 week increments. DUE TO SEXY SITUATIONS AND CONTENT, THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE FOR YOUNGER READERS**

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3 comments on “My latest release : JUST ONE NIGHT

  1. My oh my… I can not wait to see what happens in part 2!!!! I have been counting down days and I only got one more to go. And just a side note I will be buying this no matter what it coast $2.99 or $5.00. Either way it will be on my kindle. I love your books. Right now i can not get enough of your writing. Thank you so much.

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