Thank you, for everything.

Six years ago, January 1, 2012, I self-published my first book Wrecked. Now I have over 40 novels under my belt, some published independently and some by Montlake Romance. My books have been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Hebrew, and Portuguese. I have readers on every continent and in many, many countries. […]

My Newest Release!

I have some very exciting news… I teamed up with Montlake Romance to start a new romance series, called Bourbon Street Boys, and the first book has arrived! It’s getting some fantastic reviews (phew!) and it’s stayed in the Amazon Top 100 since it launched a week ago. Daaaaang, I’m so proud! Working with the […]

Slight change to publishing schedule

For those of you who don’t already know, I try to publish a full novel every month. Sometimes I’ve hit 6 weeks and sometimes 3, but I’d say my average over 40+ books is about 4 weeks. I’m so used to doing it, it’s not that big a deal, although when I procrastinate and save […]

Amazing StoryBundle Deal … exclusive content, and YOU set the price!

What’s a Story Bundle? Glad you asked! StoryBundle is a way for bookworms to discover quality books written by indie and traditionally published authors. Finding good books to read is difficult these days with so many offerings out there. StoryBundle hopes to solve that problem. StoryBundle takes a handful of books—anywhere from 6 to 9 […]

Want to win an ARC (Advance Review Copy) of a book I contributed to?

Want to win an ARC (Advance Review Copy) of a book I contributed to?

For My Science Fiction Fans… I have 5 Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of THE TELEPATH CHRONICLES, a book to which I’ve contributed a story called “Dreampath”. GET THE BOOK FREE, LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW, that’s the deal. It’s a science fiction anthology, with many short stories by several great authors, including: Elle Casey (that’s me, […]

Some Steamy Releases for My Romance Fans!

Looking for a good read? Here are some new romance novels that have just been released by some indie buds of mine… ******************************************************************************* Burning Bright (Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy #4) by Blair Babylon   The thrilling conclusion to Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy is a whirlwind of suspense, shocking revelations, hysterical banter among girlfriends, and the […]

Links for Just One Night Part 5

Links for Just One Night Part 5

Remember, this series is ending soon, and when it does, the price will go up. If you’ve waited to buy it, don’t wait too much longer! 🙂 PART 1 B&N: GOOGLE PLAY: KOBO AMAZON US: UK: Canada: Germany: France: Italy: Spain: PART 2 B&N: […]

Money grubbing authors? Readers, before you paint, make sure you have the right brush.

I received an email from a ‘devoted fan’ who was dismayed to find that I’ve started writing a romantic serial novel. You can find Part 1 of Just One Night here. She accused me of being another one of those “money-grubbing authors” who rip off their readers. Wow. Can I just say that again? Wow. […]