Come meet me in Florida!

Next Tuesday, December 10th, at 5:00pm I’ll be signing books and talking about my publishing journey at the North Palm Beach Public Library on Anchorage Drive.  I’d love to meet you! If this isn’t enough to tempt you to make the trip, let me just add that a very special guest might be making an […]

New release, box set action, audio book, and more!

NEW RELEASE ALERT I have lots going on! First, REBEL is published, the first in a 3-book new adult romance series.  No cliffhanger, but all 3 books are connected.  Here are some links for ya! Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon DE: Amazon FR: Amazon IT: Amazon ES: […]

Book covers as advertisements

I wrote this post yesterday that sparked a lot of comments here and online, and it morphed into a conversation about book covers as advertisements for the stories inside.  I just wanted to expand on that concept, so here I am once again, avoiding my work in progress to bring you my pontifications. Sometime I […]

…Aaaaand ACTION!

I get messages once in a while from soon-to-be self-published authors soliciting advice about writing and publishing.  I recently answered a question of one of these folks and thought I’d share my answer with anyone reading my blog.  I should be writing a book right now, but I often indulge in other activities to avoid […]

Hugh Howey is my hero

Hugh Howey is my hero

Many of you know of Hugh Howey.  He’s a spectacularly successful indie author of the movie-optioned, dystopian series WOOL.  He’s also quite a trailblazer for indies, getting traditional deals with big publishers most people said would never happen. Unfortunately, because he’s also an incredibly nice person who’s very connected with his readers, he has had […]