Spread the love, help an indie!

I’ve been receiving some really lovely emails and blog posts from readers, all of them complimentary and several mentioning that they were telling their friends about my books in an effort to get the word out about my work.  It just blows my mind how generous people are and how I’ve managed to connect with […]

War of the Fae: Series update

Hello readers – just a quick update here on the War of the Fae series of books.  As you know from my previous posts, Book 1: The Changelings is now exclusively available on  Amazon.com.  I took it off Barnes and Noble’s website so I could participate in the KDP Select program at Amazon which requires […]

Theme songs for characters.

I’ve finished the third draft of War of the Fae: Book One (The Changelings) and have now started Book Two (Call to Arms).  When you read these books, you will meet several very special characters.  Three that are on my mind as I complete the outline for Book Two right now are Tony, Jayne, and […]

Music as inspiration.

The first time I ever saw an author recognize music as her muse was when I went to the website of Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series and The Host (an aside: I wish she’d write something else!)  She even had a playlist on a player there on the site, so you could click […]

Final Edits. Next Project.

I sent WRECKED off for final edits, and I can’t express how excited and nervous I am.  Here are some of the thoughts that are racing through my brain, pretty much at all hours of the day: I wonder if she will like it…What is she thinking as she reads it?…Is she reading it right […]

Little buggers.

Now that I’ve officially finished writing my first novel (phew, that only took twenty years!), my brain is ready to explode with new ideas.  Every one is fighting to be the next story told.  The problem is, they’re all over the place: Thriller?  Check! … Mystery? Check! … Paranormal? Check! … Romance? Check! … and […]

Am I stupid?

I read a great review for a book the other day on Yahoo, and without reading the reviews on Amazon, I shelled out $7 for it.  Normally I would read Amazon reviews first and then make my decision, but this person had received a substantial advance, a movie deal, and had some serious backing, so […]