A funny guy, that Jason Brant …

A funny guy, that Jason Brant …

Do you guys know Jason Brant?  Until a week ago, I didn’t.  But then someone tweeted something about his thriller/action novel that they just gave 5 stars to, so I went and read the reviews and blurb.  Every review mentioned how funny the MC (main character) is, and they reminded me a lot of the […]

Books opening up dialogs

I had a reader leave a review for WRECKED today on Amazon that really got me thinking … about how books can open up dialogs about different things.  Sometimes important things. If you’ve read WRECKED, you know that issues of teen survival and teen sex come up, along with social cliques and other high school […]

WRECKED promotion … FREE for 3 days!

WRECKED promotion … FREE for 3 days!

We’re doing an end-of-the month promotion for the book WRECKED. It’ll be a free Kindle download for 3 days, May 23-25. I’m pretty excited because it’s a 2nd edition of the book.  I took all the reader comments I received and incorporated most of the advice given into this new edition.  It’s not a lot […]

Awesome Indies

Awesome Indies

Sometimes, the word AWESOME just works. I was trolling around the Ninnernet (what one of my little ones always called the Internet … she also asked for a “Barbie dot com” for Christmas one year … apparently I let her watch too much TV), when I happened across a fellow indie’s blog. You might have […]

Let’s Talk About Reader Reviews

There are lots of opinions about reader reviews and authors responding to them.  Lots of things to say.  I’m not going to give all the arguments on all sides.  I’m just going to say what I think. I love ’em!  I need ’em!  I’m addicted to ’em!  I appreciate ’em! So that’s why I say, […]

Clash of the Otherworlds news

Hello readers.  I’ve missed you.  I feel like I’ve been gone for so long, but I really haven’t.  I’ve just been coming down off the Book 4 high – now getting ready to jump into some other exciting projects that I wanted to tell you about. First: Clash of the Otherworlds: Book 1, sneak peek […]

Indie Author Hits the Big Time!

Hugh Howey makes all indie writers proud.  Not only is he an amazing writer, he’s a nice guy, supportive of other indie authors, and a big fan of crowd-sourced fiction. Ever heard of Ridley Scott?  Well, he loves Hugh Howey.  Yay Hugh! http://www.thebookseller.com/news/century-wins-latest-self-publishing-sensation.html

Book 4, First Draft, DONE!

Phew.  I’m so glad to get this one done.  Talk about stress.  It sure took me for a ride.  I have another couple days of editing on my own and then off to at least two more editors for their work.  So excited! Cover reveal to follow next week… xoxo Elle

Why indies love their indie readers!

I’m so excited to be a part of this “Indie Revolution” in books these days.  I’m just a newbie, compared to guys like Hugh Howey, who has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his science fiction short stories and novels. Here’s a super cool post from his blog, where he talks about “Crowdsourced Fiction“.  […]

War of the Fae: Update!

Hello friends.  I’m stopping by the blog for a quicky update, since I’ve yet to meet my daily goal for words written on my current book, which happens to be … WAR OF THE FAE: BOOK 4.  Yay!  And yes, I’m working over the Easter holidays, for half days.  I have fans to appease (and […]