War of the Fae: Series update

Hello readers – just a quick update here on the War of the Fae series of books.  As you know from my previous posts, Book 1: The Changelings is now exclusively available on  Amazon.com.  I took it off Barnes and Noble’s website so I could participate in the KDP Select program at Amazon which requires […]

Moving to Amazon exclusively

I have made the decision to try out Amazon.com’s KDP Select program, which means that I have to make my books exclusive to Amazon.com for 90 days.  So they have been removed from Smashwords.com and BarnesandNoble.com.  I’m super sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone, but I wasn’t getting much in the way of sales […]

My own March Madness

My own March Madness

This coming month, March, I’m taking part in a couple of promotions to launch the War of the Fae series.  Book 1 was published at the beginning of February and Book 2 will be published by the first week of March.  Beginning March 1st, I’ll be part of What’s Your Story Book Reviews March promotion.  […]

War of the Fae: series update

Hey readers!  Just a quick update on the progress with the War of the Fae series. Book 2, Call to Arms is in the last week of editing, hopefully (okay, so maybe 10 days), so I see a publishing date of March 5th, which would be about a week before my previous estimate, so I’m […]

Samantha Young…Totally Inspiring!

Samantha Young…Totally Inspiring!

I read this post today from indie author Samantha Young, an author whose work I have read and enjoyed immensely (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a really nice person too!).  I was soooo inspired after reading it!  She went from starving student to successful independetly published author in a year. Yay Samantha!  If you’re […]

War of the Fae series news

Hello dear readers.  Just a quick note on the War of the Fae series and what’s going on with it. I recently published War of the Fae: Book 1 on Amazon.com without doing any promotion.  I have the book with an editor from a big publishing house who is doing a read and response on […]

Amazon rankings for Wrecked

I was reading an article about some indie authors who had reached Top 100 status on Amazon.com, and I wondered what number I was. Nowhere near that yet, but hey, a girl can dream… A week ago I checked and I was at #127,000 (some odd number after the 127, I can’t remember what it […]

Another 3 great reviews for WRECKED

Alice in Readerland posted a great review for WRECKED on  her blog and an author interview (of yours truly). Tumbling Books Blog – Nancy posted a super fab review for WRECKED on her blog. Wordvagabond posted a nice review for WRECKED. Take a look!