My Newest Release!

I have some very exciting news… I teamed up with Montlake Romance to start a new romance series, called Bourbon Street Boys, and the first book has arrived! It’s getting some fantastic reviews (phew!) and it’s stayed in the Amazon Top 100 since it launched a week ago. Daaaaang, I’m so proud! Working with the […]

Slight change to publishing schedule

For those of you who don’t already know, I try to publish a full novel every month. Sometimes I’ve hit 6 weeks and sometimes 3, but I’d say my average over 40+ books is about 4 weeks. I’m so used to doing it, it’s not that big a deal, although when I procrastinate and save […]

Reader Expections : Blessings or Curses?

If you know me, you know I write in several genres. At last count, those included urban fantasy, romance, thriller/suspense, paranormal, action-adventure, dystopian, and hard science fiction-space opera. Hard sci-fi and space operas were new for me as of last month. Sci-fi is a genre I enjoy as a fan of TV, film, and novels […]

Elle Casey’s Advice for Aspiring Writers

I’ve always known that many of my readers are also aspiring writers because they contact me for advice and encouragement (which I’m always happy to give).  Just recently I realized how many members of my Street Team have manuscripts they’re working on, and I really want to encourage all of them (and you) to GO […]

Elle Casey’s YA Price Drop for 3 Days Only! Plus a free book!

Get your teenagers reading! Did you know that April 16th is National Celebrate Teen Literature Day?  Elle is joining the fun and celebrating with a special 99¢ deal on 3 of her Young Adult titles for 3 days only: Tuesday April 14th-Thursday April 16th.  Oh, and a free book, too! Read on for more!  Below, […]

New Covers for Apocalypsis!

New Covers for Apocalypsis!

I wrote the Apocalypsis series in 2012 and 2013 and was thrilled to find so many enthusiastic readers. There are over a thousand excellent reviews on this series on Amazon and Goodreads, but I thought it might benefit from some more exposure. The old covers weren’t quite getting that done, so I’m giving these a […]

Amazing StoryBundle Deal … exclusive content, and YOU set the price!

What’s a Story Bundle? Glad you asked! StoryBundle is a way for bookworms to discover quality books written by indie and traditionally published authors. Finding good books to read is difficult these days with so many offerings out there. StoryBundle hopes to solve that problem. StoryBundle takes a handful of books—anywhere from 6 to 9 […]